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Why So Harpie & Haysie

It's All About Family

Family is the reason for everything we do. It's what inspires us to help other families build and grow together.

We Believe in Loyalty

Loyalty brings an extra level of support for the people in our lives. We want to be there for you and yours.


We Thrive on Connection

As a small, woman-owned business, we enjoy the personal connection fostered with our customers.


Quality is Standard 

Soft, comfortable, high-quality material, unique outfits, and exclusively designed for the multiples in our lives.


Created For Parents By A Parent

Hey there, and welcome to So Harpie & Haysie! Named after my boy/girl twins, it’s the ultimate space for parents like you and me to enjoy shopping for our multiples. I quickly realized early on how challenging it was to find items for my twins, especially since my babies are of the opposite sex. Yes, I could get the same colors, but I didn’t want that all the time. I wanted unique outfits that still matched – like my babies. Like clothing, but without the sameness. And because individual styles start early, I wanted to show my babies’ personalities early too. That’s why So Harpie & Haysie helps parents, family, and friends of multiples to find kid’s clothing (from newborn to 12) that suits the children in their lives. With every collection and item, we hope to make your time with your babies a little more special each day.

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